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Five mayoral candidates outline future vision for Lansing

WEDNESDAY, June 16 — Over the last month, five mayoral candidates facing off in the August primary election have outlined their platforms in a series of opinion columns published in City Pulse. …

Flash in the Pan: Scape skewers

Across the Northern Hemisphere at about this time, garlic plants are reaching for the sun. Each clove planted last fall has divided and swollen into a bulb of cloves, while the flowers emerge in a circuitous path. 

Owosso’s Lebowsky Center returns with new productions

Owosso’s Lebowsky Center for the Performing Arts’ newest show is “Icons: The Show Must Go On!” After about a year and a half of no inside stage shows, due to the COVID …

Favorite Things: Ezra Kelly and their copy of ‘Think on These Things’

I got into my friend’s car in the Frandor parking lot back in 2016 and saw a book in her car. Her car was literally filled with so much stuff. She wouldn’t let anybody else besides me ride in it, because it was so embarrassing. I saw the book on the dashboard. There was a little pink flower on an off-white cover, so I grabbed it. At the time I was constantly wearing pink. She told me, “That’s yours! You have to read it.”
It’s on for real.

Lansing Symphony girds for full-scale return in fall

The first thing a real, live audience will hear from a real, live Lansing Symphony Orchestra at its 2021-’22 season opener Oct. 9 will be the blinding neon smack of Leonard Bernstein’s “On the Town” — brash New York chords that bark “open for business.”

Is a man being unfairly prosecuted over his HIV status?

A former Lansing resident is facing up to six months behind bars for allegedly failing to disclose his HIV positive status to his girlfriend despite apparently weak and questionable evidence on the record to support his prosecution. 

GOP exploiting societal progress to replace Trump on ballot

Before transgender people in public bathrooms, it was gay marriage. And before it was gay marriage, it was legalizing gay rights of any sort. 

Sheikh-Omar: Lansing desperately needs strong leadership

My name is Farhan Sheikh-Omar. I was born in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. Violence first pushed my family out of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. As civil war spread, my family decided the country was no longer safe. My parents worked hard to find a solution to long-term living in a refugee camp. They were fortunate to be granted resettlement in the U.S. We were fleeing conflict, insecurity and persecution. 

The CP Edit: A crisis of violence

Two more murders. Two more Lansing teenagers dead, bringing the city’s 2021 death toll by homicide to 15. And it’s only June. At this rate, Lansing is on track to easily outstrip last year’s record of 22 homicides — the most murders in a single year in decades. With the hottest days of summer just ahead, we’re bracing for even more senseless violence while community leaders scramble for answers.
TURN IT DOWN: Loud dispatches from Lansing’s music scene

Third Man recording artist Danny Kroha talks ‘Detroit Blues’

Danny Kroha is probably best known as a member of The Gories, the legendary Detroit-based blues-punk band. But his resume is much deeper than that. Over the last 30 years, he’s also co-founded The Demolition Doll Rods and recorded and produced stacks of other projects. A somewhat newer terrain for Kroha is his venture into performing stripped down traditional gospel, blues, and folk songs—played on a range of instruments, including mouth harp, diddley bow, and slide guitar.
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Flash in the Pan: Bok choy redemption
I had given up on bok choy, because I was caught in a rut, adding it to my soggy stir-fry and not much else. I felt bad about it, …
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Farmers markets cautiously reopening around Lansing
While shopping at ALDI the other day, I heard a young girl beg her mother, “Can we go to the farmers market? …
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Flash in the Pan: Radish arugula salad
This time of year, the radishes stand out like bright bunches of candy. Sometimes, at the farmers market, I ask the vendors what to do …
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