The 10 states where the ultra-wealthy have the highest net worth

SmartAsset breaks down the top 10 states where the ultra-wealthy hold the greatest net worth.


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While costs have surged over the last few years, so have the assets and net worths of many wealthy American households. But how much are the wealthiest Americans worth? SmartAsset examined the most recent IRS statistics for all states with available data to measure the net worth of America's ultra-wealthy. Here, "ultra-wealthy" Americans are classified as those who had a net worth of at least $13.57 million in 2023 dollars.

Key findings

  • Wyoming's ultra-wealthy are worth nearly $300 million. On average, the uber-rich in the Cowboy State are three times as wealthy as their counterparts in the second-ranked state, Nebraska. 
  • The ultra-rich in CA, TX, FL and NY are worth this much... Of the four most populous states in the U.S., New York's ultra-rich residents have the highest average net worth ($59.73 million), followed by California ($52.49 million) and Texas ($46.89 million). Ultra-wealthy Floridians have an average net worth of $41.51 million. 
  • These 3 states have the lowest net worths. The ultra-wealthy in West Virginia, Michigan and Kentucky have average net worths of $18.98 million, $19.41 million and $21.32 million, respectively. 
  • The ultra-wealthy in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma have the most debt. Ultra-wealthy residents in these three midwestern states have an average of $5.6 million, $4.07 million and $3.74 million in debt, respectively. 
  • D.C.'s wealthiest have an average net worth of nearly $40 million. Although Washington D.C. isn't included in the rankings, the city's most affluent residents have an average net worth of $39.21 million – more than 31 states. 
  • This state's uber-rich are significantly invested in real estate. Real estate comprises 21.7% of the average net worth of Massachusetts' ultra-wealthy residents  – most across all 48 states included in this study. California, Maryland and Louisiana follow closely behind, where real estate makes up 21.3%, 19.42% and 19.4% of the most affluent residents' net worths, respectively. 

10 states with the highest net worth among the ultra-wealthy

  1. Wyoming
    Home to 608 ultra-wealthy individuals, Wyoming tops the list with an impressive average net worth of nearly $295 million. Despite an average debt of approximately $3 million, these affluent residents boast substantial real estate holdings, averaging over $11 million.
  2. Nebraska
    Nebraska's 318 ultra-affluent residents share an average net worth of roughly $98 million per person. Their financial commitments include an average debt of about $1.3 million while their real estate assets are typically worth around $4.7 million.
  3. New York
    New York's substantial enclave of 17,551 ultra-wealthy residents shares an average net worth of approximately $60 million per person. While they carry an average debt of roughly $2.1 million, their real estate holdings on average are valued at about $6.5 million.
  4. Pennsylvania
    There are 5,649 residents in Pennsylvania with a net worth of at least $13.57 million – the inflation-adjusted threshold for being considered "ultra-wealthy." However, the average net worth of this ultra-wealthy population is nearly $59 million. They maintain relatively low average debt loads of around $0.9 million and real estate assets averaging close to $2 million.
  5. Missouri
    The Show Me State's 1,734 ultra-wealthy residents have an average net worth of about $58.3 million. But  Missouri residents who are worth at least $11.4 million have higher average debts than their counterparts in any other state – approximately $5.6 million. Meanwhile, these uber-rich Missourians typically own around $2.7 million in real estate properties.
  6. Colorado
    Colorado is home to 2,384 ultra-affluent residents, who have an average net worth of approximately $57.5 million. Their financial portfolio includes an average debt load of about $1.2 million and real estate holdings valued at around $3.2 million on average.
  7. Hawaii
    Hawaii is home to only 262 ultra-wealthy individuals, each with an average net worth of about $54 million. They carry a modest average debt of roughly $1.07 million alongside real estate holdings averaging nearly $1.9 million.
  8. Washington
    In Washington, 4,992 ultra-affluent citizens enjoy an average net worth of over $51 million and a relatively low average debt burden of approximately $0.58 million. Meanwhile, the Evergreen State's wealthiest residents on average own about $3.6 million worth of real estate.
  9. Indiana
    Indiana's 2,119 ultra-wealthy individuals report an average net worth of nearly $51 million, the lowest average debt of around $0.46 million and more modest real estate holdings averaging approximately $1.3 million.
  10. California
    Despite having the largest ultra-wealthy population of 35,724, California ranks 10th overall with an average net worth of about $50.3 million. These wealthy individuals on average have roughly $2.2 million in debt and possess substantial real estate holdings – nearly $10.7 million.

Data and methodology

This study examined the most recent (2019) data from the IRS, specifically SOI Tax Stats Personal Wealth Statistics by state, which includes top wealth holders with at least $11.4 million in net worth (deemed "ultra-wealthy" for this study's purposes). All 2019 dollars were projected to 2023 dollars based on the Consumer Price Index. States were ranked by the average net worth of their ultra-wealthy residents.

Complete data was not available for Alaska, Rhode Island, or Vermont.

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